Kings of the Castle


I am really very excited about this review, it’s true. There have been many spectacular picture book releases already this year, but this one, this one feels a little bit special.

It is Kings of the Castle, written and illustrated by Victoria Turnbull and published by Templar.

I had picked up on some gentle yet excitable whisperings about this book floating across Twitter. It seemed it was stirring people up quite a lot, so I was extremely happy when, curtesy of Templar Publications, this very book landed with an elegant thump on my door mat.

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Dave Pigeon


Pigeons. Referred to as “flying rats”. I’ve often sat in Sheffield city centre watching the walking wounded pigeons limp and hop around, always on the look out for a scrap or two. I must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the plucky little guys!

So, when I was offered the chance to read Dave Pigeon, written by Swapna Haddow, illustrated by Sheena Dempsy and published by Faber and Faber I was keen, just a little bit … just a LOT!

However, I had an initial reservation! I am a cat lover, crazy cat lady, if you will. And so faced with a book titled: ‘Dave Pigeon: How to Deal with Bad Cats and Keep (most of) Your Feathers’ I was admittedly worried. Who would I side with? The lovable downtrodden underdog pigeons? Or the cute cuddly adorable cats?

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#TommyVCancer Blog Tour


Back so soon I hear you cry! Yes! I have news! At Book Monsters HQ we are excited to be joining numerous awesome bloggers on the #TommyVCancer blog tour.

Celebrated children’s book author Tommy Donbavand has been bravely and openly fighting throat cancer over the last few weeks. As the bulk of his income relies on him being able to do school visits and other events, the loss of his voice and time needed for treatment has made this impossible.

SO, bloggers have united together to do what we can in the form of a blog tour!

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