The Lines on Nana’s Face


There are quite a few picture books I know of covering the issue of dementia, alzheimer’s and also bereavement of elderly relatives. These books are necessary and essential. However it’s rare that you come across a book that celebrates the experience, memories and love that come with age. The Lines on Nana’s Face written and illustrated by Simona Ciraolo and published by Flying Eye books does just this.

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So, I have a little confession for you. I’m not that keen on change. I never have been, and as a child, maybe the thing I needed to combat that was a well written, well illustrated book! So, it may be 20+ years late, but here it is!

Marcel, written and illustrated by Eda Akaltun and published by Flying Eye books.

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Tommy V Cancer – Zombies & Copy Cat

Tommy V Cancer

Welcome to the Book Monster leg of the #TommyVCancer blog tour. I was glad to be able to post my blog on Father’s Day because, although Tommy’s battle with cancer has been heartbreaking to read, among it all his blog post about his son Arran really touched me. It is incredibly heartfelt and caring and showed what a wonderful father this man is. Please do take the time to read it here:
– TommyVCancer Blog – Arran

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