The Colour Monster


I was aware a little while ago, of a colourful pop-up book doing the rounds. Yet somehow I shamefully missed actually reading it. However, the paperback non-pop-up version has just arrived, and I am very very excited to show it to you.

It is The Colour Monster. Written and illustrated by Anna Llenas and published by Templar Publishing.

Yes, I am partial to a monster based book, and I also LOVE colours, so there couldn’t be anything much more perfect as far as I’m concerned. Actually, add to that a pinch of emotional guidance and we’re there.

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Tiger in a Tutu


I love France, I love Paris. It’s romantic, interesting, full of art and culture and wonderful people! So when I spotted this new picture book doing the rounds on social media with the beautiful Eiffel Tower lurking on the front cover I was keen to get my Book Monstery mitts on it. The Book Monster has even dug out his old tutu for this particular book review today. Don’t be fooled, he can’t ballet, neither can I. I have two left feet and Deckle has, urm, no feet! Thank goodness, then, that we have a tiger who can dance …

This is Tiger in a Tutu, written and illustrated by the very talented Fabi Santiago and published by Orchard Books.

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