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I am aware, that my blog, as well as many others and media in general, is biased towards fiction books. In some ways, that’s to be expected as the number of fiction releases outweighs the number of non-fiction. However, I am really aware that I’m not appreciating the joys of non-fiction nearly enough here on Book Monsters! They are an absolutely vital part of children’s book publishing.

We have the obvious, homework and extracurricular learning support. Not everything can be covered in schools, by teachers. It’s important children have the opportunity to read non-fiction outside of school in order to develop their knowledge further.

Boys! I don’t like to stereotype boys and girls, as there is certainly not a one rule for each. However, non-fiction is brilliant for boys. Take my brother for example, as a child he wasn’t interested, generally, in reading fiction. He wanted to get something out of reading. He wanted to gain knowledge, for his reading time to be worthwhile and well spent, but he also wanted to be entertained. The Horrible History books provided him with hours of fantastically productive, yet funny, reading. I’ve experienced many similar boys over the years in my work at the library who really thrive on reading non-fiction.

Reluctant readers. Or even children who struggle with their reading, can get a lot from non-fiction. They can be much more accessible, less text heavy and the age range they suit much more wide spanning so children don’t feel self conscious choosing a non-fiction title, like they maybe would reading an ability appropriate fiction book.

In short, our celebration of non-fiction has been woefully lacking. Rarely do I see a non-fiction category in children’s awards, or non-fiction nominated alongside fiction. It’s a huge shame, particularly as 2015 / 2016 has seen some of the greatest factual book releases for a very long time.

So, from here on in, at Book Monster’s HQ, I pledge to fly the flag for the great non-fiction! If you come across something you think deserves to be blogged about, or have released a non-fiction book that you’d like us to review, please feel free to get in touch for my consideration, I would love to get more on here.

I have amassed, thanks to the lovely publishers out there, a collection of some spectacular non-fiction new releases for children, so over the coming weeks, I’m going to be blogging these wonderful titles like crazy. So keep an eye out for those,  and please share.
For the love of non-fiction! 🙂

Thank you.



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