Book Monsters Advent, Books for Adults, Non-Fiction / Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Every Christmas present book pile and every book themed advent, I think, should contain plenty of Non-Fiction, so here’s the first of mine, the next book in the Museum series by Big Picture Press. It’s Dinosaurium curated by Chris Wormell and Lily Murray.

I reviewed the first book in this series, Botanicum on my website last year, which you can read here:
– http://bookmonsters.info/blog/2016/09/30/botanicum/

That book, stunning as it was, was very much for the plant loving adults and older children studying flora and fauna. It is a wonderful book. Well imagine this, but centering on Dinosaurs!! I know SO many children who adore these creatures. We are asked, on a daily basis, for books and stories about dinosaurs, and I know a book like this would be loved and adored in our library by children of all ages.

Like Botanicum, the content is quite adult, the text complex and challenging, certainly for younger readers, but the sheer enormity of this book, the immense size of the pages means that children are faced with huge, great big and wonderful illustrations of the weirdest and most fantastic dinosaurs of every shape and size. It’s a dinosaur lover’s dream. Chris Wormell’s illustrations have a vintage feel, like Botanicum, and are detailed and correct. This book is comprehensive beyond belief, and the information is provided in really interesting and factual bite-sized pieces.

This is an absolutely stunning coffee table book which whole families will certainly enjoy. An epic, (in every sense of the word), book for Christmas.


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