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Non-Fiction / Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Ever in the pursuit of great non fiction titles that I know children will enjoy reading not purely for educational purposes (thought that is of course a bonus) but for fun!! So I was thrilled to receive this duo of amazing books in the post the other week. The Meet the … series consists of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans. Written and illustrated by James Davies and published by Big Picture Press.

These compact little books are perfect for smaller hands to hold. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big coffee table non-fiction book, there’s something wonderful about these giant reads. But, for young children to read in bed, or snuggled up on the sofa, these books are the perfect size.

These bold books have been beautifully written, they flow really nicely providing facts about Ancient Egypt and Rome that children will be fascinated by, alongside the more important aspects they are expected to learn. It’s brilliantly balanced, designed to keep children engaged and interested while learning.

one of the major selling points of these books are the illustrations. They are bold and bright, with high contrast yet a simple colour palette, very stylised and full of fun, all aiding to catch children’s eye and take us away from the stuffy history that many of us remember from school, to a modern and fresh book. There are some hilarious little scenes in here, giving children plenty of fun details to pick out as they read the bite sized bits of text.


Each book is only 63 pages long, and heavily illustrated and yet the amount of topics covered within those pages is absolutely epic! Everything is in here from food and drink, homes, clothing, rulers, temples and much much more, 60 topics in each book to be exact. It’s perfectly pitched for ages 6 +

These non-fiction beauties are perfectly designed, written and illustrated to give maximum impact, maximum fun, and maximum learning. I hope plans are in the pipeline for more of these little non-fiction gems.

Meet the… Ancient Egyptians and Meet the… Ancient Romans are both available now from all good book shops and libraries so grab your copies.

To find out more about author / illustrator James Davies, check out his rather gorgeous corner of the internet here:

Publisher Big Picture Press can be found right here:

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