My Colourful Chameleon

Picture Books / Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

When we talk about pets, particularly for children, we all think of hamsters, rabbits, cats and dogs, but what about something a little more exotic and unusual? This is My Colourful Chameleon, written by Leonie Roberts, illustrated by Mike Byrne and published by QED Publishing.

This is a story about a little girl and her pet chameleon. She adores this unusual creature and it’s clever talents, but her mum is less than impressed. As the chameleon hides himself throughout the story, the little girl tries to persuade her Mum to let her keep her beloved pet, and show Mum exactly how clever she really is.

This is a gorgeously written rhyming story by Leonie Roberts. It flows very nicely, making it easy and fun to read out loud, allowing the reader to inject lots of personality into the words! It’s brilliant fun. This story is a lovely celebration of the chameleon and they’re amazing colour changing talent! I love it!


Mike’s illustrations work perfectly with Leonie’s lyrical writing. They are bright and colourful and every character has such expression on their faces that you can’t help but feel so engaged by them. On the pages the clever chameleon is hiding somewhere in his colouring changing disguise, which adds a brilliant level of interest to Children. They can play spot the chameleon, whilst also enjoying a lovely story and learning about their colours and this creature all at the same time.

The end of the book provides Next Steps guidance, which is a smart little addition specifically for parents and teachers giving them advice and suggestions of discussion points within the book and a craft activity idea. Not every parent or teacher is confident in how to use picture books with children, what to focus on and where children can be engaged with the story, so this is a fantastic element that I’d love to see in more books to give that confidence.

All in all My Colourful Chameleonis a fun, friendly, sweet book for young children. The perfect book for group reading, story times and bedtimes for teachers, library staff and parents. A wide reaching, beautifully illustrated and gorgeous read.

To find out more about author Leonie Roberts why not visit her internet corner right here:

My Colourful Chameleon is available now from all good book shops and libraries.

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