My First Book of Quantum Physics

Non-Fiction / Friday, July 13th, 2018

We have recently been assessing our non-fiction books in the library where I work, and have come to the conclusion, that while it is important to cover school topics, and give a broad choice of books for children to learn from, it is more crucial to have a good range of factual books that are accessible, engaging and exciting for children. We are so fortunate now, that these books do actually exist. More and more beautifully illustrated and interesting non-fiction titles are coming onto the market, and here is one such example for you. My First Book of Quantum Physics by Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferron and Eduard Altarriba, published by Button Books.

“Everything around us – trees, buildings, food, light, water, air and even ourselves – is composed of very, very small things known as subatomic particles. Quantum physics is the science of these tiny particles”

What a lovely, clear introduction to the book. This is just the first sentence of course, but it does show immediately the concise way in which this book has been written.  I remember a teacher of mine saying to us that only when someone truly knows and understands a topic thoroughly, can they then translate it successfully into terms that the inexperienced or young will understand. Sheddad, the author of this book, comes from a science and physics based background and it shows in this book. He knows what he’s talking about, and thus has the ability to explain it to those of us who don’t know about it. This book is nicely sectioned out covering every aspect of physics you could imagine, so children can dip in and out of subjects that spark their interest. The pieces of information are clearly laid out and provided in bite sized chunks so as not to be too overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, and don’t be mislead by the title and plentiful illustrations, this book is not simple! It contains some fairly  advanced science, but it’s been presented in a way that will help children understand and enjoy. There’s nothing patronising about the writing, it’s factual and clear

So what about the presentation. Well there is as much illustration as there is wording in this book. It’s a fundamental aspect. Eduard comes from a design background, and this works perfectly as he has created fun and cute illustrations alongside useful info-graphics. They support the explanations given exceptionally well whist providing a bright, bold and graphic backdrop to the facts and figures.

My First Book of Quantum Physics covers numerous subjects including light, atoms, the periodic table, Schrodinger’s cat, Radioactivity and even the future of physics. At every turn humour is injected into this book, gentle and non-confusing, but enough to lighten this serious topic. It’s a fine balance and really it’s been perfectly executed. You can read fiction books and go on magical, crazy adventures, but with this sort of non-fiction book you can show children that real life, our actual existence, is just as magical and unusual!

For science keen children, curious kids, and even interested adults, this book is an entertaining and incredibly informative read! Quite honestly who isn’t impressed by someone who strolls nonchalantly into a room and explains what Wave-particle duality is! Give your children that power with books like this !!

My First Book of Quantum Physics is available now from all good bookshops and libraries. To see more, check out the official trailer:

To find out more about Button Books please visit their internet corner right here:

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