Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up

Picture Books / Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Halloween is approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a spooky interactive book. Handy, then, that I have Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up. Written by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Jim Smith and published by Hodder Children’s Books.

Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up continues from the first book in this series Mixed Up Fairy Tales, the ultimate in interactive storytelling. Put the narration in the hands of your children in this brilliant book. This crazy clever picture book contains pages which have been split cross into three allowing children to decide how their story is told.  It puts control of the tale straight into the hands of the young readers which gives them a sense of ownership and involvement in the story. The combinations Hilary has put together are brilliant, containing fairy tale characters we all know and love, with spooky creatures that have equal amounts of familiarity but contrast enough to make the stories utterly silly, and some spooky situations to fit the theme. It all comes together to make a whole book of ridiculous and funny scenarios that children will love. Whatever combination children come up with still works, makes sense and creates a unique story.

Jim Smith’s illustrations are a delight in this, big, bold, bursting with character and fun they bring a colourful yet spooky feeling to the book ensuring it remains engaging for children of all ages. Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up would be brilliant for use in the classroom giving children a starting point for creative writing and artwork ideas. It’s perfect for younger more reluctant readers as the sentences are short, funny and there are plenty of visual clues to aid reading. This book has the educational benefit of reading with the fun, interactive aspect.

Each fairytale is represented with its own bright colour, which is not only eyecatching and fun for children but it also helps them if they wish to read the tales in a more traditional fashion, with the right lines matching. Don’t get me wrong however, even read in the straight forward manner, this books is bonkers and silly and out of the ordinary. Whichever way children choose to use this book, they will love it. And THAT is the key factor, the children get to choose! This is their story and I love that.

Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up is available from all good bookshops and libraries now. And I have a copy to give away over on my twitter account, so check that out and enter before midnight tonight (31/10/2018).

To find out more about author Hilary Robinson please visit her corner of the internet here:
– https://www.hilaryrobinson.co.uk

And illustrator Jim Smith can be found drawing away right here:
– http://waldopancake.com

Thank you to Hilary for sending me copies of Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up and thank you for reading this mixed-up Book Monster review.


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