You’re Strong With Me

Uncategorised / Monday, September 30th, 2019

Welcome to my first look at Lantana Publishing’s Autumn titles, and I’m going to being with You’re Strong With Me. A brand new title which will have some familiarity about it, and that is because it is the creation of the most wonderful team illustrator Poonam Mistry and author Chitra Soundar.

Following the theme of You’re Safe With Me and You’re Snug With Me, this story contains the same wonderful reassuring and beautiful tale and adds even more. I think I can safely say it’s my favourite in this series so far.

As you can see from the fantastic illustrations, Poonman style has remained, the incredibly detailed and clever art using limited colour palettes and geometric shapes working together to create the most amazingly atmospheric spreads in a book you will ever find. Each page stands out, each page has subtle detail that children can pour over, and each page will make you gasp with its stunning beauty. There is no doubt that you will not see another book like this on the shelves in libraries or book shops, it is truly unique. I mean just look at this unbelievable spread, awash with blues and golds, packed with details and movement.

What You’re Strong With Me offers in particular I feel over previous titles (not that they weren’t also amazing) is this story contains even more within it. As the previous titles, the story is about reassuring young ones that they are safe, that everyone who cares for them will protect them, and in a world of fear and anxiety this is such a crucial message for young children. But within this overriding theme, we are treated to the world of the giraffe and its habitat. Children can learn about the dangers they encounter and aspects of their daily life. It has a lovely educational and subtly non-fiction twist to it which I really love. It gives this book even more depth and interest, it allows the reader to take it so much further.

Chitra words are, as always, calming, flowing, gentle and reassuring. There is so much confidence in them but also a melody and rhythm that makes it a pleasure to read and the perfect bedtime story. The repetition within it of the line “you’re strong with me” not only serves to reinforce the message, but engage young children too. Twice this week at work I’ve had conversations with parents about how much their children value and enjoy a repetitive element to a story.

You’re Strong With Me has much to offer in every situation, it is inclusive, eye-catching and absorbing, reassuring and relaxing. I love how it encourages and celebrates inquisitiveness in children’s. It’s quite honestly and astounding book that all involved should be very proud of.

You’re Strong With Me is available now from all good book shops and libraries.

To find out more about author Chitra Soundar please visit her website:

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Thank you to Lantana for sending me a copy of this book for review, and thank you for reading my Book Monster review. You’re strong with books! 🙂


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