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Welcome to my stop on the latest blog tour for This Book Has Alpacas and Bears by Emma Perry and Rikin Parekh features the friendship of Colin and Alfonso. Despite their personalities being so different, these two are firm friends. 

Alfonso or Colin? The Book Character Quiz You’ve Been Waiting For! I wonder… are you more Colin or Alfonso? 

I can see you mulling over this very important question already. Mull no more, dear reader. Delve into our highly scientific (honest!) test to discover the answer for yourself…

1. You’ve got a brilliant idea. Do you…

a) Research, plan, and research some more.

b) Get stuck in straightaway, you’ll work it out as you go along.

2. Your best friend is far too busy to listen to you at the moment. Do you…

a) Respectfully wait until they are free. They’ll let you know when the time is right.

b) Keep asking and asking. They’ve got to give in at some point

3. You’ve got the munchies. Do you go for…

a) A lovely jar of honey.

b) A gigantic grass pie would be just right.

4. Everyone needs a bit of downtime. To relax do you…

a) Practice a bit of yoga. It’s nice to reconnect

b) Grab your electric guitar (or instrument of choice) and blast your tunes as LOUDLY as you can.

5. You fancy a bit of wheel-based fun. Do you…

a) Grab your scooter, let’s hope there are no unexpected surprises along the way.

b) Pull out your skateboard. Your skateboarding skills will ‘wow’ everyone!

6. Bath time! Do you…

a) Top up the tub with plenty of hot water, bubbles and your favourite rubber duck.

b) Head to the hills, there’s NOTHING quite like a good dust bath.  

7. You’ve finally achieved the goal you’ve been working towards for AGES. Do you…

a) Retire to your bed, with a snuggly duvet and a nice cup of tea. And… relax!

b) Go. Go. Go! This is only the beginning, there are more ideas where that came from.

How did you do?

Mostly As:

Totally chilled! You’re definitely Colin, the bear. Calm and relaxed is your most common state of being, except when friends come pestering at the most awkward moments. But, you’re learning to be a little more patient when it comes to one particular alpaca.

Mostly Bs:

Wowzas! You are showing super clear Alfonso, the alpaca, traits. You are bouncing with great ideas and ambitions, go you! Nothing will stop you from following your dreams… unless it’s a gigantic grass pie. Just remember to give friends a little space every now and again, they’ll love you for it. 

Even number of As and Bs:

Congratulations! You are a perfect blend of both Colin AND Alfonso. Calm and relaxed, with oodles of passion and energy. Perfection! 

You can find out more about these two characters in This Book Has Alpacas and Bears from Emma Perry and Rikin Parekh

Twitter: @_emmaperry @r1k1n

Instagram: @emmaperry @r1k1n_parekh


Thank you for joining in our quiz, and watch this space for my review of the fantastic This Book Has Alpacas and Bears. coming to Book Monsters very soon! Don’t forget to check out the other blog tour stops for more fun with alpacas and bears!


One thought on “This Book Has Alpacas and Bears

  1. I can’t wait to find out what everyone’s results are.

    Colin is a little bit skeptical over the validity of this test, Alfonso thinks it’s a FABULOUS idea!

    Thanks so much for hosting us!

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