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Blog Tour, Fiction, Picture Books / Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Many mornings myself or my fiancé wake up and share with each other our dreams that night. They can be weird, wonderful, scary or completely mundane, but they are ours and they are unique. But they are a thing that humans share, a glimpse into our minds, our own personal storytelling and I love that. My blog post today is about a book called In My Dreams, written by Stef Gemmill, illustrated by Tanja Stephani and published by New Frontier Publishing. This gorgeous book is currently doing a tour of other fabulous book bloggers, so be sure to check them out for lots of fun content!

I wonder at what age we become aware of our dreams? And aware of the fact that other people dream also? This beautiful book could be the perfect launchpad for this exact discussion. In My Dreams follows a Childs’ various dreams, covering every kind of crazy dream, involving food, rainbows, the sea, creatures of all shapes and sizes, this book is just a wonderful exploration of our imaginations!

This picture book is simply but cleverly written, with a gentle start, and then a rollocking ride across dreams of all kinds, it’s so lovely and easy to read out loud and the way the words are physically placed upon the page almost match the way you’ll want to read it. This would make such a lovely bedtime story to lull children off to dreams of their own.

In My Dreams also has a rather important role to play in that those children who may be struggling with nighttime fears, scary dreams, or sleeping in the dark. This book is such a positive, happy, and calming take on sleep that it could be that perfect reassurance that children need. The bad dreams, to quote from this book “have no power over me”, and teach children to not worry about them, whilst also emphasising the joy and fun in the good dreams, and the lovely quietness of nighttime. It shows this time as not scary or intimidating, but a place to go and rest and escape to exciting other, harmless worlds.

Tanja’s illustrations in this are stunning, so many colours used, but each location and dream type represented so perfectly by her chosen colour palettes. The joy and fun bounces off every page, and the dark, less nice dreams, are brief and haunting, but not so scary as to worry any sensitive children. It’s really beautifully done. The expression in the characters are superb. I’m a particular fan of the roaring lions and the fantastical dragon! The child in this is charming, and completely adorable. There is so much to see in this through detail, colour and texture. This picture book feels like you’ve dived headfirst into a wonderful fantasyland, full of dreams and the unexpected. I’m sure children will love spotting all the different characters and deciding what they would like to dream about.

Teachers, if you’re searching for a book that can ignite children’s imaginations, that you can use to initiate creative writing or art activities, then this book would be fab! We all love remembering and talking about our most weird and wonderful dreams don’t we? Parents or carers, if you’re looking for a bedtime story, which is packed full of lovely, has colour and joy and good thoughts, but is also calming and positive and almost meditative, then In My Dreams is absolutely the right choice for you!

In My Dreams I out now and available from all good bookshops (don’t forget to support your local indie store).

Thank you to New Frontier for sending me a copy for review and thank you for reading this dreamy Book Monster review.


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