Poo in the Zoo The Great Poo Mystery

Fiction, Picture Books / Thursday, July 9th, 2020

It’s been a hard few months for everyone hasn’t it? So it’s even more important that we look to books, not just to reassure and support during times like these, but also to entertain, offer relief fun and best of all smiles … and perhaps some poo too! After the huge success of Poo in the Zoo, I’m thrilled to welcome back Poo in the Zoo, The Great Poo Mystery written by Steve Smallman, illustrated by Ada Grey and published by Little Tiger Press.

Little Bob McGrew keeps his zoo in tip top shape with the aid of Robbie the robot pooper scooper! But one day, Robbie vanishes and the Zoo is covered in poo! That’s not super hygienic. BUT, along comes Arabella Slater, Poo Investigator. Amazing adventurer and all round smart cookie, Arabella soon gets to the bottom (haha) of the Zoo’s embarrassing poo problem and saves the day.

Anyone familiar with Steve Smallman’s writing, will know that he is one of the kings of rhyming text. There are not that many writers out there who can really master rhyming picture books. Write a story that flows and reads easily, rolls of the tongue and where the story isn’t compromise, rather enhanced by well written rhyme. Poo in the Zoo, The Great Poo Mystery is just brilliant, funny and fast paced, children will LOVE this. This is the kind of story I always go to when we have a class visit in the library, as what child doesn’t love a poo based story? It gets kids engaged and giggling and those kinds of positive associations with reading are oh so important. Books that make children laugh … even better, laugh together.

Every character portrayed in the story is positive, hard working, a team player and strong role models, especially the fabulously quirky and strong female investigator, Arabella Slater. It’s just joyous to read.

No picture book is complete without illustrations, and Ada Grey did a wonderful job with Poo in the Zoo. Steve’s characters have been truly brought to life, and are just endearing, fun, and full of little details, down to Arabella Slater’s little bits of curly hair breaking free, giving hints to her slightly rebellious and exciting character. They’re bright and bold and engaging for all ages.

This fantastic children’s picture book team have done it again, Poo in the Zoo, The Great Poo Mystery injects the fun and silly into reading and is sure to be an absolute winner!

Virtual Book Launch With Steve Smallman

Steve Smallman will be taking part in an exclusive book launch for Poo in the Zoo, The Great Poo Mystery as part of Sheffield Libraries Adventure Book Festival. Suitable for all ages, and schools are welcome too join in too, he will be reading his brand new book, illustrating live (yes he draws too!!) and answering any questions you have for him. And I’ll be there too, so please do join us!

You can sign up for this FREE Zoom event here:

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me a copy of Poo in the Zoo and thank you for reading this Book Monster review. Poo in the Zoo, the Great Poo Mystery is out TODAY and available from all good libraries and bookshops!


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