About Book Monsters

Creeping through the bookshelves each and every night
There lurks a friendly Book Monster
He doesn’t mean to fright
With his friends he wants to find
all the best books that he can
Then pass them on to you
in the hope you’ll be a fan.

So keep your beady eyes peeled
for these little quirky fellas
They’re searching out the greatest books
and then they’ll come and tell us!


My name is Ally, and with the help of my Book Monster sniff out the best picture books, young readers and young adult books to review.

I work as a Library and Information Assistant in a busy children’s library in the centre of town. I was also a primary teacher for two years and I was a child once.

I am passionate about books, libraries, children’s literature, illustrations & supporting reluctant or struggling readers. There are so, so many wonderful books out there that show all these things in abundance! I want to share those examples with you.

I’m not about criticising books, if I don’t like it, it probably won’t appear on here. I have nothing at all against critical reviews, in fact I think they have an important role to play in the blogging world, but it’s just not me. I live in happy fairy land! Therefore this is a positive blog showcasing, in my opinion, some of the best children’s books I come across!

I really do hope you enjoy reading Book Monsters, thank you for visiting.

Book Monster interpretations

I am very lucky to have many wonderful illustrator friends, and some of them have been kind enough to create their own interpretations of my book monsters. Firstly, a huge thanks to my other half, Ste Johnson, who took my original Book Monster illustrations and made them even better, helping me develop the new look blog. Ste is a brilliant illustrator and my very own incredibly supportive cheerleader, so please take a look at his website for more of his work: – www.steillustrates.co.uk


Big thanks to @Emma___C for her fantastic representations of our lovely Book Monster Blob! – http://inkfingers13.blogspot.co.uk

This is another wonderful creative vision of the Book Monster by my very talented friend Iain Welch. Follow him on Twitter at @iaindwelch to see more of this gentleman’s work. Or check out his website at: – http://iainwelch.blogspot.co.uk

In return for naming my Book Monsters (now called Deckle, Dimple and Dogeared) I was so honoured that the hugely talented Mark B illustrator created this fanart of them above. Amazing isn’t it? Please go and check out his wonderful website: – http://wintersmoke.tumblr.com

Ally Portrait Web
Many huge thanks to @EmmaIllustrate for this fantastic (and flattering) illustration of my cat and I. – www.facebook.com/EmmaReynoldsIllustration


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