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#TommyVCancer Blog Tour
A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting
A Boy Called Christmas
A Christmas Truce, The Night Before and a bit of a Sleigh Ride.
A Gift for National Book Lover’s Day
A-Blog-A-Day-Holiday …
Amelie and the Great Outdoors
An ode to art doers and art viewers.
As Nice as Pie
Beaky Malone: World’s Greatest Liar
Beautiful Trees
Beautiful, Colourful Reads from Tara Books
Book Monster Hiatus …
Book Monster’s Best Bites of 2015!
Book of Magical Numbers & One is Not a Pair
Build the Dragon
Captain Falsebeard in a Very Fishy Tale
Captain Falsebeard in A Wild Goose Chase
Cogheart – Kid Lit Readers
Dave Pigeon
Deathcat Sally
Dixie O’Day and the Haunted House
Douglas, You Need Glasses!
Dreamer – Saving Our Wild World
Duck Gets a Job
Eric Appleby! Zero to Hero
Flo of the Somme
For Nostalgia’s Sake
For the love of Non-Fiction
Happy New Book Year!
I Love You (nearly always)
International Book Giving Day
Kickstarter Joys
Kings of the Castle
Lazy Dave
Little Bell and the Moon
Lost Magic – The Very Best of Brian Moses
Mango & Bambang (The Not-a-Pig)
Mine Mine Mine! Said the Porcupine
Molly’s Marvellous Moustache
More Impossible Tales
Mr Mustachio
My Dad Used to Be so Cool
Nibbles the Book Monster
Odd Socks
Please Mr Panda
Pocket Pirates: The Great Cheese Robbery
Poems, Rhymes, Crazy Times…
Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure
Pugs of the Frozen North & Cakes in Space
Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit’s Bad Habits
Shackleton’s Journey
Sleep Well Siba & Saba
Smart about Wild Animals.
Sweet Pizza
Thanks for all the books.
The Ammuchi Puchi
The Bear and the Piano
The Bear Extraordinaire
The Boy who sailed the Ocean in an Armchair
The Building Boy
The Colour Monster
The Edge of Me
The Frog Olympics
The Journey
The Joys of Writing!
The Lines on Nana’s Face
The Many Worlds of Albie Bright
The New LiBEARian
The Owl Who Lost Its Twoo
The Squawks, Lily Mae & Squiggle Bee
The Zoomers’ Handbook
There are no words …
This is NOT a bedtime Story
Thumble Tumble and the Cauldron of Undry
Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist
Tiger in a Tutu
Tommy V Cancer – Zombies & Copy Cat
Tough Cookie
Troll and the Oliver & Grumbug
Under Earth, Under Water
Watch out, Monsters are about!
When I’m a Mummy Like You
Wolf Man and All I said Was (Red Squirrel Books)

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