I’ve covered wordless picture books on Book Monsters before in my blog post:
– There are no words …

This was my first dive into the world of wordless books, and something I was a little tentative about. However, I’m coming across more and more of these books at the library and they are taking Twitter by storm. My first twitter post announcing the arrival of the three books I’m going to look at today is probably one of my most shared book related tweets ever! It sparked a huge amount of interest and discussion. Teachers and library staff are recognising the value of books without words, and actually, so am I!

So here are another three fantastic examples!

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Tommy V Cancer – Zombies & Copy Cat

Tommy V Cancer

Welcome to the Book Monster leg of the #TommyVCancer blog tour. I was glad to be able to post my blog on Father’s Day because, although Tommy’s battle with cancer has been heartbreaking to read, among it all his blog post about his son Arran really touched me. It is incredibly heartfelt and caring and showed what a wonderful father this man is. Please do take the time to read it here:
– TommyVCancer Blog – Arran

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