Mira’s Curly Hair

Blog Tour, Diverse Books, Fiction, Picture Books

Anyone who knows me well knows that for years I have struggled with my frizzy and curly hair, spending many a morning straightening and

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WOW! Non-Fiction

Early Readers, Non-Fiction, Picture Books

Oh I love non-fiction books for children, the benefits of this category of book are overwhelming, they’re engaging, educational, inspiring, dip-in-and-outable (yes I’ve just invented

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Will You Catch Me

Blog Tour, Books for Empathy, Fiction, Longer Novels

From 12-18th February Nacoa welcomes in the 9th Children of Alcoholics Week. Their aim with this, is to reach out to the 1 in 5 children

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Hats off to Mr Pockles

Books for Empathy, Fiction, Picture Books

The power of good illustration is underestimated by many. A couple of weeks back, I came across an illustration of a sweet looking dog in

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