Duck Gets a Job


Over 10 years ago, I decided to leave a career that I had planned on being in for most of my school life. That was quite a terrifying thing! And one day, I walked in a job interview for THE most perfect job. I bumbled my way nervously through an interview, and thankfully, managed to persuade them to give me the job (not sure how that happened). So, I now work in a children’s library, and I love it! It changed my life for the better in a multitude of ways. THIS is the power of finding your place, and doing a job you enjoy.

Duck Gets a Job, written and illustrated by Sonny Ross and published by Templar Publishing takes a unique look into the world of work through the eyes of a rather anxious duck!

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Build the Dragon


So, sunday afternoon and blogging to catch up on. So, what do I find myself doing? Sprawled on the floor building a dragon of course! All in the name of blogging you understand! Because this was for the book Build the Dragon written by Dugald Steer, illustrated by Jonathan Woodward and Douglas Carrel and published by Templar Publishing.

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BookImages2Welcome to Book Monster’s stop on the Botanicum blog tour, and I’m incredibly excited to review this glorious book and welcome illustrator Katie Scott here for a Q&A, I know! How great is that? So climb aboard the blog train, it’s a happy day!!

Botanicum is curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis, published by Big Picture Press in association with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Cogheart – Kid Lit Readers


So, my final review for my A-Blog-Day-Holiday. It’s been fun! It’s been a challenge. It’s helped me get down an extensive blog pile! This isn’t the end however, there are exciting blog things to come, so watch this space for those!

So, my chosen, final holiday blog. This book was chosen as our read for this month’s @KidLitReaders over on Twitter (monthly online kid lit book group, check us out).

It is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and published by Usborne.

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Kickstarter Joys


This is a quick post, an intermission I suppose, as it’s not an ordinary book review.

This is about Kickstarter. I’ve back a few projects on Kickstarter over the years, it’s a brilliant way of supporting local, and not so local, individuals and organisations to get their projects off the ground. Projects generally offer various rewards and incentives depending on how much you pledge, which can be as little as £1 up to many many £s! There are levels to suit every budget, and it really all makes a difference.

From a Book Monster’s point of view, there are tons and tons of book themed projects on Kickstarter waiting to be backed by you. I’m going to look at just two of them today.

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The Building Boy


Around this time last year, I sat in the back office of the library where I work, with a friend reading a rather remarkable book, which I promptly shared with her, and then gradually the rest of the library staff, family and most customers!! Yes, I loved it that much! The book was The Bear and the Piano, written and illustrated by David Litchfield. Since then, it has been nominated for our very own Sheffield Children’s Book Award.

A few months later, for our online book group @KidLitReaders, we read Perijee and Me written by Ross Montgomery, with cover illustration by David Litchfield. This book was universally enjoyed by the group, a delightful and special story.

So, to get the to point, the joining together of these two marvels of illustration and storytelling is a very exciting thing! On release day I rushed out and grabbed a copy of The Building Boy, written by Ross Montgomery, illustrated by David Litchfield and published by Faber and Faber ltd.

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Smart about Wild Animals.


So, back to what I promised, and that is some more glorious non-fiction for you! I’m a little late to the party with these two books, but I do think they are completely worth the wait. Flying Eye books are a publisher who have a certain style to their work. Their publications scream quality, with a distinctive retro styling that I have always really rather loved.

Their non-fiction books are eye catching and appealing for children with a look that begs to be read. I’m going to look at two of Flying Eye’s recent animal themed releases today.

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I’ve covered wordless picture books on Book Monsters before in my blog post:
– There are no words …

This was my first dive into the world of wordless books, and something I was a little tentative about. However, I’m coming across more and more of these books at the library and they are taking Twitter by storm. My first twitter post announcing the arrival of the three books I’m going to look at today is probably one of my most shared book related tweets ever! It sparked a huge amount of interest and discussion. Teachers and library staff are recognising the value of books without words, and actually, so am I!

So here are another three fantastic examples!

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