Under Earth, Under Water

Non-Fiction / Monday, August 8th, 2016


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I promised to fly the flag for non-fiction here on the blog. So, this is my first, of hopefully many, non-fiction book reviews. It is Under Earth, Under Water by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński and published by Big Picture Press.

Now where do I start with this? It’s a chunky one! Huge in fact, a proper coffee table read. Opening the giant hardback front cover feels like lifting the lid on a treasure chest! And it certainly is, because Under Earth Under Water is full of readable treasure!


It is also, and this is probably the most wonderful aspect of the book, double sided, a book of two parts. Under Earth is on one side, detailing various aspects of life on Earth and in particular underground. On the other side we have Under Water, focusing on oceans, rivers and basically everything related to water you can think of. The two books meet, quite spectacularly, in the centre with the centre (of the Earth that is).


The content contained within this book is mind boggling, it covers everything! Under Earth examines creepy crawlies, animals and plants (my favourite pages), tunnels, gas, electricity, sewage, dinosaurs and fossils, caves and much much more!

Under Water takes us on an exploration of the Coral Reef, the glorious pages about giants of the deep, submarines, sink holes, the titanic, buoyancy and everything else you can imagine that happens in water!


I love that this book focuses on the obvious topics, but also zooms in on some very unusual areas of the Earth and science. There is so much in here that you will struggle to find covered in other children’s books.

It is a quite incredible dual book crammed with facts and information. Every page has been beautifully thought through and pieced together. Bright, eye catching, yet appropriate colours suck you into the related environment and keep each page fresh and exciting for children. The content of every section is clearly defined, with an easy to follow index, so children can either read through the book in order, or jump to areas that spark their interest. This is one of the aspect of non-fiction I love so much. You don’t have to read the whole book, you won’t miss a key plot point if you don’t. You can dip in and out, to subjects you enjoy or need to learn at that time. Brilliant quick reads for children and adults.


The information is very heavily pictorial, with bubbles of really interesting facts alongside. It’s accessible for children who may not enjoy reading large blocks of text. But it is in no way patronising. This will test the vocabulary of children but everything is explain clearly and concisely.


This would be the perfect book for school use. Ideal for groups of children to pour over together, I can imagine the fun and discussion ignited by the contents. As the first of my recent non-fiction book reviews, you really can’t get much better. Under Earth, Under Water is a stimulating and engaging encyclopedia of our planet, perfect for children and adults to share. 

Under Earth, Under Water is now available from all good bookshops and libraries.

Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński have a fantastically cool corner of the internet right here:
– http://www.hipopotamstudio.pl

For the love of non-fiction, thank you for reading this Book Monsters review.




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