Nibbles the Dinosaur Guide

Book Monsters Advent, Non-Fiction, Picture Books / Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Nibbles the Book Monster was the overall winner at this year’s Sheffield Children’s Book Award. All the shortlisted titles this year were absolutely wonderful, but I do have a soft spot for Nibbles. So imagine my delight when Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett and published by Little Tiger Press came bursting through the library doors just the other day.

The first thing that always strikes me about the Nibbles books is the quality of the books. The lovely thick and textured hardback covers feel fabulous and robust, and ooze quality, and the paper inside is just as gorgeous. Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide has a teal green colour which is eye catching and beautiful. But the real joy of this book lies between those luxurious covers. Nibbles is causing his usual charming, yet cheeky style of chaos once more, but this time he’s running amok through a non-fiction dinosaur book. So while children are entertained by his funny antics, they can learn all about dinosaurs too.

This book is a charming combination of dinosaur facts and Nibbles’ bad behaviour. It’s beautifully illustrated of course, colourful endearing and, like Nibbles before, flaps and detailed pages to make the book interactive for young children. This is a delight and would make a perfect present little book monsters out there.


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