Book Monsters Advent, Non-Fiction / Friday, December 8th, 2017

Advent day 8 and we’re right back to non-fiction with this beautiful book Anatomy (a cutaway look inside the human body) by Helene Druvert and Jean-Claude Druvert and published by Thames and Hudson.

When I first opened this book I was excited just from the first look and feel, but my goodness what an astounding book this is. This book has a distinctly stylish French feel to it, minimalist, navy and white, on a soft green, minimalist background, it’s clear that the author and illustrator have poured their french routes into this book and it works brilliantly. It no longer feels like a dry non-fiction school book. It’s intriguing and beautiful to look at, it has a real quality feel to it, with little touches of humour.

But, the star of the show in this book is the absolutely stunning way the human body has been depicted, step by step through an incredibly intricate paper cut effect. Each page is a layer of the human body, starting with the digestive system, and working through the circulatory, respiratory and the nervous systems, right down to the skeleton holding it all together. Each stage an incredibly delicate paper cut. It explains the make up of the human body perfectly and clearly. It is an incredibly intricate and fine cutout so it would need careful looking after in a school or library environment, but I think it should be there as I don’t honestly think you can find a book explaining the human body any better than this.

As well as the paper cut pages, Anatomy contains numerous other sections all perfectly explained with combinations of short snappy text and large clear and simple illustrations, often with flaps showing outside and inside the human body. The writing is pitched brilliantly to appeal to all ages, clearly written and easy to understand without being patronising.

The physical book itself is oversized which, not only adds an almost magical feel to the book, but it means all the content is enlarged too, so it’s big and bright.

Everything about Anatomy impressed and wowed me. It’s one of the most stylish, engaging yet informative books on the human body I’ve ever come across. Bravo to all the creators of this gob-smacking publication!


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