Tiny Little Rocket

Non-Fiction, Picture Books / Sunday, March 25th, 2018

I’ve watched a few films lately set in space, and one of my favourite books is The Martian (do read it if you get chance). Space is fascinating isn’t it? It’s a brilliant way to get children excited about books and reading. When a pile of new books came into the library the other day, and this book landed in with it, I fell in love. This is Tiny Little Rocket written by David Fickling, illustrated by Richard Collingridge and published by David Fickling Books.

There was something about the simplistic and striking cover of this book which grabbed my attention initially among a huge pile of new library books. This gorgeously intriguing and modern stylised theme continues inside the book where we follow the story of the little tiny rocket on its journey through the solar system. The story is written in rhyme, with few perfectly formed words, it reads really nicely and flows well and is an absolute pleasure to read out loud. At the end of the book, which celebrates the birthday of planet earth, there’s a brilliant little informative page of text which explains how old the earth is and how we work out its age.

Richard’s illustrations are really incredibly beautiful and I’m keen to see more of his work. Some of the spreads are minimalistic really emphasising the expanse of space and the small size of the rocket. They are also bright and full of texture and depth. The little rocket is adorable, and the space scenes awe inspiring. At the end is a lovely clear map showing the positions of our planets. The astronaut is hidden away in their outfit and gender never specifically referred to within the text, making it a brilliant book for encouraging boys and girls to reach for the stars.

Tiny Little Rocket is a rather special little picture book. It is an ideal introduction to the solar system and space, whilst still being an exciting and fun story to read at bedtime or storytime. I’m certainly looking forward to reading this gem at the library.

If you would like to find out more about Richard Collingridge you can find him clutching his paintbrush here:
– http://www.collingridge.co.uk

And you can find out all about David Fickling Books right here:
– http://www.davidficklingbooks.com

Tiny Little Rocket is now available from all good book shops and libraries.

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