Book Monster Review Policy

How, Where and Why?

You might want to know how I choose which books to blog about or share on social media. I work in a busy children’s library, so many of my book choices come from titles I find on the shelves or in new book deliveries. Often these are tried and tested at my weekly story time session.

I receive many books directly from publishers, often pre-release. I don’t necessarily review everything I receive, there’s not enough time in the day, but also, I don’t love everything I get. I will always mention in a blog post whether I have received a book from a publisher directly, I do like to be transparent like that, but just because I’ve been sent a book does not mean I will review it.

And of course, some books I buy, with limited funds they are the really special ones!

Are the Book Monster’s Paid?

I do not post any blog reviews which have been paid for, nothing on my website is an advert and I do not and will not accept money for writing reviews so you can be 100% confident that all the books I review are my own choice and the books I love.

What About Self-Published?

I have, and do, occasionally review self published titles, ones which have been wonderful. I try to be open minded to most things. However, unfortunately, self published titles are difficult to get hold of in shops and libraries and I always like to review titles that are readily available for my readers. This being the case, a self published book has to be exceptionally good to make it onto the pages of Book Monsters. I am an advocate of stand out professional illustrations, great writing and good quality publications so it is important that any books I review reach these standards.

Will you review e-books?

I like to see and read an actual book. When reviewing a title I often comment on quality of the physical copy, because I think if you’re buying a book as a gift or to encourage your child to get excited about reading, the physical presentation of a title is really important so on this basis I will refuse e-books I’m afraid (though at a push I will review YA e-books).

Anything Else?

  • I do not post negative reviews. I’m here to recommend fabulous books, that is all!
  • I run Book Monsters & related social media in my free time, alongside my full time job and other hobbies.
  • I welcome and love comments and opinions on anything I post, so please feel free to get chatting in the comments box or on social media.
  • I’m happy to take book suggestions and recommendations, so please drop me an e-mail. 

Thank you for reading and supporting Book Monsters.