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While we’re focusing, with the help of EmpathyLab UK, on empathy in children’s books (please see my previous Monster Bites blog post for more details)

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Monster Bites – Read For Empathy Book Guide

Blog Posts, Diverse Books, Monster Bites, Picture Books, Shorter Novels

Kind, caring, understanding, thoughtful, good listener, open minded, KIND … How many of these traits can you hand on heart say you have? Truly, honestly?

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The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear

Shorter Novels

Isn’t it the best feeling when you pick up a book to read, demolish it in one sitting, and then want to read it over

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Real-Life Mysteries – Signed book giveaway!


Do you have a budding investigator in your midst? One of those endlessly curious children who questions everything? Aren’t they brilliant? Interested minds like that

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