Kaya’s Heart Song

Diverse Books, Picture Books

Childhood is a wonderful carefree time, true, but it can also be a time of continued change and upheaval. Maintaining friendships and social groups, achieving

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Peace Lily

Historical Fiction, Picture Books

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this day, than to look at a book which celebrates the role of

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Jumble Wood

Books for Empathy, Picture Books

While we’re focusing, with the help of EmpathyLab UK, on empathy in children’s books (please see my previous Monster Bites blog post for more details)

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Monster Bites – Read For Empathy Book Guide

Blog Posts, Diverse Books, Monster Bites, Picture Books, Shorter Novels

Kind, caring, understanding, thoughtful, good listener, open minded, KIND … How many of these traits can you hand on heart say you have? Truly, honestly?

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