Science and Me

Blog Tour, Diverse Books, Non-Fiction

Science and Me is the start of the journey, the launchpad into exploration, inspiration and knowledge. It’s exciting, interesting and the perfect way to enthuse children about science, history and really show what human beings from all backgrounds, and therefore they, are capable of.

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A Shelter for Sadness

Books for Empathy, Fiction, Picture Books

The more I write these blog posts, the more I realise that, though we may all be unique, we, as humans, share emotions and

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The Perfect Fit

Blog Tour, Fiction, Picture Books, Story Time

The blog in which I write “perfect” a lot!

I think everyone understands that feeling of not fitting in, we’ve

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Pablo the Rescue Cat

Blog Tour, Fiction, Picture Books

Yes, I have been called a crazy cat lady on many many occasions, despite only ever owning one cat. But my goodness, did I

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