Thanks for all the books.

This is a quick blog post and my first non-review, prompted by Twitter posts last night and a passion for children’s books and illustration. This is a dedication to children’s book authors and illustrators everywhere! It has been announced that next week BBC’s The Apprentice candidates will be required to write, design and market a children’s book. Yes we should all know this is a TV programme and not reality. Few of their tasks are truly representative of real life situations. However it does raise an ongoing and alarming issue about the perceived value of children’s books, those who create them and the immense work involved from all parties.

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Dixie O’Day and the Haunted House


Happy nearly Halloween! What better way to celebrate than a couple of spooktacular reviews. The next one will be coming up soon.

First up, Dixie O’Day and the Haunted House by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy.

Now, I’m  going to be honest here, I have been a little bit (quite a lot) obsessed with Shirley Hughes from a very very young age we’re talking pre-school here, so for 20 *cough* years. My signed Dogger is one of my very most treasured possessions!

Just relatively recently I have discovered her wonderful daughter Clara Vulliamy who is an incredibly talented illustrator. Mango and Bambang is one of her more recent releases with Polly Faber and it is superb (Book Monster Review here: Mango and Bambang)! So put Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy together for a series of stories and you have an explosion of booky goodness!

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I came across One by Sarah Crossan while on Twitter and as soon as I saw it I was very keen to read this book. There have been numerous TV documentaries about conjoined twins many of which I’ve seen and found quite fascinating. How must it feel to be joined to someone with a completely different personality? To share your life so closely with someone? To share a single body? Sarah Crossan has addressed everything you might wonder about here in this fabulous book.

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Lazy Dave


Lazy Dave, Lazy Dave, it just rolls off the tongue, what a fantastic title. Lazy Dave is a new wonderful offering from Jarvis (Peter) and his debut as a picture book author. I came across this book for the first time on Twitter and was instantly drawn to the wonderful simple title, bold colourful cover and of course that gorgeous pup.

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The Zoomers’ Handbook


Book Monster has changed his outfit especially for this wonderful picture book!

Just gaze upon that front cover for just a moment … Isn’t it lovely? That is The Zoomers’ Handbook the debut book by wife and husband team Ana and Thiago De Moraes.

On first glance I was eager to read this book. The title is dynamic and compelling, in lovely big bold text. Then we look down to the gorgeously sweet welcoming face of a creature we’re yet to read about. Andersen Press have done an awesome job of producing this book. My copy, a hardback, has a beautiful matt, textured cover with the inner pages reflecting this feel of quality. I will admit to stroking the cover quite a lot! This will stand up to much page turning, and it will need to, as it’s sure to be one children return to time and again!

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