Beautiful Trees


BeautifulTreesBook Monsters is primarily a children’s book blog it’s true but today we are giving some space among the pages to munch on a book for adults for a change (although not completely unrelated as you’ll see when you hopefully read on). This is Beautiful Trees written by Nik Perring, illustrated by Miranda Sofroniou and published by Roast Books.

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The Squawks, Lily Mae & Squiggle Bee

We are going all out on this one with a three titled book review all by the wonderful Ruth Thorp!! First up we have The Squawks! Written and illustrated by Ruth Thorp.



Now, at Book Monster HQ, I’m am quite partial to feeding the birds, and at certain times of the year it’s like party time for the squawky birds in the garden! The starlings in particular, are constantly screeching and squabbling among themselves. So when I read The Squawks by Ruth, I was chuckling away being reminded of these fantastic birds.

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Shackleton’s Journey


As it’s Non-fiction November, what a better way to celebrate than to review a second non-fiction book!
I have been a big reader of true life survival stories, historical and modern for many years. I love the adventure, the fear, the instinct to survive and overcoming adversity, be it alone or with the help of others. It’s truly amazing what humans and animals can do when really put to the test.

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Flo of the Somme


There are a lot of historical fiction books available particularly covering the world wars, and with fewer people around having experienced these wars first hand, the need for good historical books is more vital than ever. Michael Morpurgo, Morris Gleitzman’s Once series, John Boyne The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, classics such as Carrie’s War and Goodnight Mister Tom are all amazing stories, but really better suited for older readers.

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