Nibbles the Book Monster

Picture Books / Monday, March 7th, 2016


My final picture book post for today’s book review sprint, before I go and have a little lie down is Nibbles the Book Monster written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett and published by Little Tiger Press.

This book was brought to my attention sometime last year and it’s quite clear to see why, my book monsters name was borrowed!! Not true, obviously, book monsters are renowned the world over and this is a fantastically quirky picture book all about one cheeky little yellow fellow!


This is the story of Nibbles, the book monster. He likes to nibble a lot of different things, but his favourite nibbly thing is a good book! We chase Nibbles as he devours this book, munching his way through each page, launching himself into, and wreaking havoc upon three classic fairy tales and finally being captured in his crate … or is he? Read the book to find out whether this book monster can ever really be stopped.

The hardcover version of Nibbles the Book Monster is a joy to behold. Beautiful quality, with a lovely tactile cover and great big holes munched out! This continues through the inside of the book with flaps, cutouts and books within the book, it is just jammed with fantastically child friend features. I honestly could flick through the pages time and time again and never get bored. Just look at this amazing spread, it’s a delight:


The story is funny and quirky, with short and simple sentences it’s great for younger readers, yet there is so much detail on each page within the illustrations that younger and older children will be kept thoroughly entertained. Nibbles is a naughty little character, but I fell in love with him, he’s such a cute and mischievous little being you can’t possibly dislike him, despite leaving a trail of destruction throughout the book. A very clever balance achieved here by Emma.


The book is wonderfully interactive, making it a pleasure to read with children. I love these books that allow storyteller and listener to experience the story together. Nibbles is absolutely ideal for this. It has all the features that children relish, a naughty monster, interactive flaps, recognisable fairytales and unexpected twists and turns. It will also be wonderful for use in schools covering traditional tales topic. I’m always on the lookout for twists on fairy tales as we have a yearly visit from a school covering this subject. I can’t wait to read them Nibbles this year.

I know I may be a little biased with the whole book monster link, it’s very true, I am! BUT, regardless of that, I love this book, I really do. The illustrations are glorious and have a completely different look to each page. And from a library assistant’s point of view, it just feels so, well, booky. I love that. This has to be one of my favourite picture books, so far, of 2016 and I’m convinced it’ll hold  a place in my heart forevermore.


To discover more about the amazingly talented Emma Yarlett check out her piece of the internet:

Little Tiger Press can be found right here:

Nibbles the Book Monster will be released on April 7th, 2016, so do buy it! But in the meantime, watch this little video treat:

Thank you for reading this REAL Book Monster review. 😉



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