The Vigilante Tooth Fairy

Blog Tour, Early Readers, Fiction / Friday, March 13th, 2020

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Vigilante Tooth Fairy written by B. B. Taylor, illustrated by James Shaw and published by Tiny Tree Books. I’m always on the look out for great younger reader stories, beginner chapter books which is something we get asked for regularly in the library. Books like this play a crucial role in developing children’s reading skills and enthusiasm for books. As much as a terrible book can quash this, a great book can make readers for life.

Children, often, love magic, and fairy tales, and most definitely something they can relate to. All children pop their teeth under pillows in the hope of a visit from the tooth fairy! It’s a magical mythical story that many children take an active part in, so to give them a story linked to that is such a fabulous way to engage and excite children.

In The Vigilante Tooth Fairy children have stopped believing in magic so there is a drastic tooth shortage in fairy land! Without teeth and their hidden magic properties, there will be no fairies! It’s a disaster!!

In comes one little fair, Mouse, too small to be considered a good tooth fairy and struggling to find her place in this rapidly declining magic world, she takes matters into their own hands to not only solve the magic shortage problem, but also proof herself worthy, even if it means breaking the fairy code of conduct to do it.

B. B. Taylor has written a lovely story here, it’s fast paced, easy to read but with great varied vocabulary to challenge more confident younger readers. Little fairy Mouse is full of character, brave and determined, she shows any child reading the book that you can be whatever and whoever you want to be, and to not listen to people who may doubt your abilities. It’s a lovely positive and important message. It’s not just a supportive and positive book to read, but it’s just a bucket load of fun! Full of magic, funny moments, and action there’s so much in here to entertain little ones, and I can completely see them getting caught up in this tale. Finally, and my most favourite aspect of the story, is how it celebrates the value and sheer magic of laughter. You’ll have to read the book to see why, but it’s just a lovely lovely aspect to this book.

James Shaw has provided black and white illustrations throughout the book. More and more now we are recognising the need for illustration in younger reader books as it helps to break up the text, making it feel a little less threatening and also just add entertainment and context to the stories. Even as an adult I love an illustrated book. So the illustrations in here are really very much welcomed and there are plenty of them to really enhance the story and break up the text. The artwork is lovely, crisp and clear with lots of character, very nicely done!

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is a story about daring to be different, even if it means breaking a rule or two, about thinking outside the box, about courage and determination and mostly about being whoever you want to be in the face of doubters. This is a fabulous twist on a well known tale, and familiarity is always something children thrive on. A gorgeously written, well thought out and pure fun tale, a brilliant choice for early readers and a parent led bedtime story for those who can’t just yet.

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy is out now and available from all good libraries and book shops.

To find out more about author B. B. Taylor please visit her home on the internet here:

And Tiny Tree Books can be found right here:

Thank you to Tiny Tree books for sending me this copy and to you for reading my magical Book Monster review.


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