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I can’t quite believe that one of my earliest blog posts, and a book that stayed with me since, I wrote in 2015! That book is as popular as ever and I’m certain will live to become a classic children’s picture book. It was for, of course, The Bear and The Piano written and illustrated by David Litchfield and published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

You can read my glowing review of this completely beautiful story on this page.

I have the original picture book version of the story, I have the most fantastic sound book and also a felted version of the bear himself, such is my love for this particular book. So how thrilled was I to get a chance to finally watch the film version of it? Oh my goodness! VERY!

And now, YOU can watch it too! The Animated The Bear and the Piano is available from Carrot Productions website. You can download it for keeps for just £4.99 or rent it for a single watch for just £1.99. And as an extra bit of brilliant, £1 from every purchase (not including rentals) of the film goes towards the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. So through buying the film you’re also helping worldwide efforts to fight Covid, it’s win win really. And if you’re, by some miracle, not yet convinced, watch this stunningly beautiful trailer showing a glimpse of this masterpiece of a masterpiece.

The Bear And The Piano trailer courtesy of Carrot Productions.

The film has been lovingly created by Carrot Productions, and narrated by Joanna Lumley, of all people, that National institution! I mean just that snippet of information had me sprinting towards the website and hitting the download button! Her voice so beautifully fits the tale, with her gentle, calming tones. Accompanying the storytelling is original music by Daniel Whibley which so so beautiful and fits the tale perfectly. Very much has the feel of The Snowman, another much loved classic story.

The animation retains all the magic and emotion of David Litchfield’s original story, giving it an extra dimension with the music and narration. It’s just so beautiful, I have already watched it 3 times since Friday!

Teachers! There’s More…

For teachers and parent’s home schooling right now, alongside the film, you can also access a whole host of downloadable activities, resources and even lesson plans from Carrot Productions website, allowing you to share the film with your children and then explore the themes even further.

The Bear and the Piano film is available to download right now from Carrot Productions website. It’s quick and easy to do and I can promise will add so much bookish joy to your day.


I am thrilled to have 5 copies of the paperback of The Bear and the Piano to give away, so head over to my twitter, Facebook and Instagram page for a chance to enter!

Thank you for visiting, and happy viewing!


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