Pugs of the Frozen North & Cakes in Space

Pugs1Welcome to the Book Monster’s double review! What better way to celebrate a writing and illustrating duo than to review two of their recent publications? First up is Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

I am a huge fan of these heavily illustrated and written short novels that have started to emerge recently. In my day, when this was all fields, we had some fantastic younger fiction which included a spattering of lovely illustrations, The Worst Witch being a particular personal favourite.

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The Bear and the Piano

BearandPianoBook Monster has dressed up especially for this important review of The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield! I am very lucky in my job as a children’s library assistant. Every day numerous wonderful picture books pass through my hands, a constant source of discussion and excitement among staff and borrowers. I have huge admiration for authors and illustrators for their individual styles, writing ability and unique ideas. Creating children’s books is not an easy option!

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Pocket Pirates: The Great Cheese Robbery

The Great Cheese Robbery Front Cover.There is absolutely no doubt that children love little things!! Knick-knacks, miniature items, collections of teeny tiny diddly bobs! It’s also true that children love pirates. With this in mind, what better idea could exist for a children’s book that tales of adventurous pocket sized pirates (smaller than a tea cup). Of course who could be more suitable to take on this subject than the awesome pen wielding buccaneer himself Captain Chris Mould!

Pocket Pirates, the Great Cheese Robbery follows the adventures of tiny pirates Button, Lily, Captain Crabsticks and Old Uncle Noggin. They all reside happily in the old junk shop, inside the ship in a bottle – how ingenious is that?

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