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Picture Books / Monday, March 7th, 2016


So, I’m attempting a picture book review sprint this afternoon, since I’m going to be very busy in the next few weeks and I have lots of exceptional books to look at and recommend. First up is Odd Socks written by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown and published by Anderson Press.

As far as I’m concerned Michelle Robinson is the queen of funny picture books! Her stories are always packed with expertly executed humour that always has children I read her books to rolling in the library aisles. But, Michelle is also the queen of hearts in terms of storytelling too. And Odd Socks is an example of this. It tells the story of Suki and Sosh a matching pair of socks who have mega fun together on the feet of their adventurous young owner. However, when Suki acquires a dreaded hole, she vanishes in the night, leaving her soul mate, Sosh, all alone. One thing socks should NEVER be, is on their own.


Sosh sets out on a daring mission to rescue his poor sock wife resulting in a beautiful, heartfelt and also rather comical ending. Which I won’t give away here, but let’s just say the socks may be reunited, but they are still odd!

Odd Socks is a rhyming book, and again Michelle excels at this. The rhymes flow so wonderfully to make it an absolute pleasure to read allowed to children. For a picture book it’s a decent length story, with plenty of content making it a great book to read to older children too, and ideal for extending onto craft activities (making sock puppets ideally).


Rebecca Ashdown’s illustrations complement the plot of the story perfectly. Jam packed with details and bright colours make it a joy to look at, and there’s plenty for children to look at on numerous re-reads. Rebecca has managed to inject tons of character into Suki, Sosh and all the other sock and non-sock beings in the book. They are all adorable! I’m particularly fond of the bunny slippers, which Sosh rescues while on his own journey to rescue Suki.


The end pages of the book are a glorious mash up of character and bright technicolour, just fantastic! And hidden among all that, three words “ODD AND HAPPY”. I love this sentiment. I’d quite like to wear it as a badge myself actually.

All in all, a lovely sweet story of true love, oddness and friendship, perfectly told and illustrated by a fantastic team, Michelle and Rebecca. This is a review of the hardcover edition, which also has some wonderfully tactile socks on the front cover! Lovely work Anderson Press.
I know that Odd Socks is going to be one of my regular choices to read to class visits and story times in the library as it has all the components I look for.


To find out more about author Michelle Robinson, visit her website why don’t you:
– http://michellerobinson.co.uk

And illustrator Rebecca Ashdown’s website is crammed with visual beauties!
– http://rebeccaashdown.me

Anderson Press can be found in their corner of the internet here:
– http://www.andersenpress.co.uk


Thank you for reading this rather ODD Book Monster review!



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