I Really Want the Cake

Book Monsters Advent, Picture Books / Saturday, December 16th, 2017

There is something that is pretty much universally liked, and that is cake! And picture book I Really Want the Cake written by Simon Philip, illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti and published by Templar is a celebration of our love of cake!

This book follows a little girl in her battle to resist eating the cake that her Mum has carefully made, and requested that her dearest daughter does not eat. Steadily and surely, the little girls powers are worn down, and she is unable to resist the gorgeous looking chocolate cake, moving from a little lick of temptation, to a bite, and finally eating the whole lot. Realising her mistake, she then attempts to remake the cake for her Mum with hilarious consequences.

I received this book a little while ago and it brought me so much joy and laughter. The illustrations are probably the most adorable I’ve seen in a picture book. Lucia Gaggiotti has captured the essence of a very young child reeeeally wanting something, so perfectly. She is bursting with character and playfulness and determination. It’s an absolute joy and smile bringer. It is written brilliantly in rhyme so that it flows really nicely, has a cheerful kind of pace to it and is sure to have children giggling.

There is, of course, a point to the book too. About willpower, learning to resist, and apologising, but it’s lightly done so that it doesn’t feel like the focus of the book. The story is just pure fun and entertainment and exemplifies a position so many of us have been in through our lives. Having to resist something we really really want.

In the back of the book is a recipe for a chocolate cake, which makes a great little addition and helps the book carry forward beyond reading, and bringing it to life which is incredibly important.

This is a beautiful quality, gorgeously endearing and funny picture book for children and cake lovers!


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