Urban Jungle

Book Monsters Advent, Non-Fiction / Sunday, December 17th, 2017

For the next year I’ve decided to really up the anti when it comes to sharing wonderful non fiction books with you here. They are side brilliant and varied and important in encouraging children to read for pleasure. I have a blog post planned all about that, but in the meantime, I’m just going to share as many wonderful non fiction books out there as I possibly can. This is wonderful and it’s Urban Jungle written and illustrated by Vicky Woodgate and published by Big Picture Press.

You and your child can discover the wild side of cities around the world in this combination nature and map book for children. Each page spread in this wonderfully enormous picture book contains a different city, many of them capitals, making it a great way to learn the different capital cities of the world, and each page showing all the different wildlife that inhabits the city in question. Split into different continents, and then cities, this is not only a perfect book on animals, but geography also. I know lots of children (and adults) who love looking at maps and locations of places.

Vicky Woodgate has a passion for wildlife stemming back from her childhood and it shows very clearly in this amazingly detailed and well designed book. The illustrations in here are bold and vibrant, bursting with unusual colours and detail perfect for exciting children of all ages. It’s brilliantly put together with snippets of interesting facts alongside the illustrations and maps. This is what’s so perfect about non fiction books. Children can dip in and out of them as they please and to whatever suits their interest and Urban Jungle lends itself rather perfectly to that. There are few animals not covered in this book, showing children the wide variety of incredible creatures that we share our cities with. The bits of written information are varied and interesting on topics that children will enjoy and remember. It even marks on the maps, perfect wildlife spotting areas should you ever visit these cities with your young explorers. It’s clearly been very carefully thought through by a writer who is informed and passionate.

We need to recognise more, the joys of non fiction books like this one. I know this would make a  brilliant Christmas present for a child, as the perfect coffee table read. But it also sits perfectly in schools, a big, intriguing, fascinating and robust, quality non fiction book for educational purposes. Very very nicely done!


2 thoughts on “Urban Jungle

  1. I’ve just been talking about non fiction books in staff book club and how we can inspire our classes with books just like this one.

    1. Thanks for commenting Nia, that’s brilliant to hear. Non fiction is SO underrated as a form of reading for pleasure, and yet there are so many wonderful and entertaining factual books out there for kids.

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